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a song of ice and fire by george r. r. martin
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raised her bow.

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has this been done yet

oh pluto

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Actresses that I absolutely adore - I hate being looked at. Can’t stand it. I know, I know - I picked the wrong career. I should have been a doctor. If you play certain parts you have this nice face painted on you, and then you have feel as if you have a responsibility to this idea of being beautiful. I hate that about our business. It shouldn’t inform what you do. But there’s a perceived inverse relation between looks and talent.

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Hugh Dancy photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg for GQ

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▪ House Stark meme two starks;

└   1/2 - Sansa Stark

Jennifer Lawrence leaving the GMA studios in New York City (April 21st)

I’ve been by your side longer than any of them, Khaleesi. Let me stand for you today as well. You’re my most trusted advisor, my most valued general and my dearest friend. I will not gamble with your life.  

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Gear up. It’s time.

no, i’m alone in that darkness.

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